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Join the Caravan,
Manage and Grow your business with Kamel.

Become a vendor on kamel and take your business to a global audience. Get customers locally and across the world through social media and grow your business with ease through our resellers.




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Why Entrepreneurs Love the Kamel Mobile App

All the benefits that come with selling with us are deliberately designed to help you sell more and make it easier to manage and grow your business

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Zero Startup Cost

You can start selling on kamel for free. Upload up to 10 products to your website, and list up to 5 for resale at zero cost.

Flexible commissions

Vendors on kamel set their own commissions and can even keep keep 100% of their profit. Making us an attractive platform to sell online

Growth for every vendor

Our caravan is open to shops of any size, from micro to small & medium scale, all vendors can grow their businesses on kamel.

Ease of doing business

Easy to list products for sale - Receive orders on Whatsapp - With Simplified Escrow and payment on delivery confirmation.

How to get started


Create account

Download the app and create an account with your phone number.


Upload Products

Upload Products to your shop and a list them for resell


Receive & ship orders

Start receiving orders from shoppers around the world.


Receive Payment

Payments are deposited into your wallet upon delivery confirmation.


Get a free online store

Get a free WhatsApp integrated e-commerce website designed to enable your customers engage and buy from you with ease. We provide all you need to manage your business and keep track of orders on the go, You’ll never loose track of happenings in your business.

Increase sales through Discovery and Recommendation

Get your products discovered by customers through search, filters, recommendations, external listings, and reseller challenges. We bring your products in front of the right customers across our platform and beyond, helping you reach more customers and increasing sales.

Discovery and reecommendation.png


We randomly recommend products and businesses to resellers based on their activity, ensuring you are matched with the right audience.


With over 500 listing categories to target, you can ensure your product is easy to be discovered by resellers interested the category of products your are selling.


We make it easy for your business and products to be discovered by customers through search both within our platfrom and through search mainstream engines

Cross Listings

Your Listed products are published across other social media and e-commerce platforms under our kamel Shops sales channel. Ensuing you get visibility and generate leads beyond our platform.


Resellers can filter shops and products across kamel by location, ensuring you can directly benefit from resellers looking to work with vendors around your location.


Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

Kamel provides an open review system across all stores. We also routinely monitor and issue verification tags to businesses who showcase exceptional levels of trust in their operation. Additionally, We offer a secure escrow payment option to shoppers which ensures buyers from anywhere can transact with you without fear of fraud.

Verified Social Reviews

We request for verified reviews from every customer who interacts with your shop, enabling the individuals who do business with you to be advocates this build confidence in new shoppers, nudging them to take a leap of faith and make a transaction.

Secure escrow payment

We hold Payments for online orders in escrow until a customer confirms receipt of goods or after 7 days if no complaint is lodged by a buyer. Escrow payments are optional but highly recommended especially for transactions involving unfamiliar parties.

Business verification badge

We issue verification tags to worthy vendors selling on kamel. To get a verification tag for your business is easy and can be obtained for varying reasons; including but not limited to receiving a high number of payments for orders through our escrow wallet over a period of 3 months, or by Kamel agents physically visiting and inspecting your operating premises, etc.

Make Smarter business decisions

Get access to periodic insights into top selling products, trending searches, and average products pricing in categories to help you make data backed decisions about your product selection and pricing.


Product Selection

With periodic insights from kamel, you will be able to get ahead of trends and stock-up on top selling items before other vendors get a wind of things. We provide insights on trending searches, and top selling categories with tailored suggestions backed by insights aimed at helping you excel.

Price adjustments

Keeping your prices competitive is an essential component for success in the digital space, but without access to data for calculating the most profitable prices when selling online, You could easily end up over pricing yourself out of the market; But Now, with Kamel’s open Pricing and recommendations, you can easily make comparisons and optimise your prices across Kamel to always stay ahead of competitors.

Grow your business with Kamel

Run Ads
that feel organic

Incentivise resellers to share your product links to their network with kamel ads.

across platforms

Get your product listed across our social media & e-commerce sales channels.

Build trust
with customers

Collect verified reviews & offer secure escrow payment to shoppers.

Business Insights

Receive insights on your business performance including tips on how to sell.

pricing catapult.png

Flexible and Competitive pricing

Kamel Offers flexible Subscription plans for your business needs no matter what stage you are, our plans grow with you.

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