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Create Entrepreneurs. 
Become an Ambassador 

Join the movement to empower 100 million new e-commerce entrepreneurs. Kamel Ambassadors are a community of creative and influential individuals passionate about advancing entrepreneurship. Ambassadors are representatives of the Kamel brand in their various communities. Successful ambassadors have that “uniqueness factor”, and an online presence that they can leverage to drive our message and make an impact in their communities.

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All You need to become an Ambassador

To become a Kamel ambassador, you need to be entrepreneurial and creative. The following are needed:

Strong Communication Skills

Proactiveness and Community Orientation

A Passion for Advancing Entrepreneurship 

Access to a community (Students, NYSC, Vendors, etc) 

What's in it for You!

 Monthly Stipend

You will be rewarded with a monthly Stipend during your engagement as a kamel ambassador.

Referral Bonus

You will be compensated with NGN 50 Per new vendor or reseller who you convince to signup on Kamel.

Performance Rewards

You will be eligible for a discretionary monthly performance grant of up to NGN 100K based on your activities as a Kamel ambassador.  

Hands on Experience

You will gain hands on marketing experience promoting a dynamic  brand. With a worthy certificate of participation.

Brand Support

You will be supported financially and logistically for initiatives to introduce within your community that advance our goals.

Swag Box

Ambassadors get custom kamel branded merchandise to showoff and share with their family, friends, and prospects.

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Become an Ambassador

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