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How Kamel Ads Work in 4 Easy steps

Generate more leads on kamel by offering cash rewards to resellers who promote your products. Your listings will be placed on top slots across discovery pages  and will look like a regular listings with a promoted tag. Resellers will get paid a pre set amount the first time a unique customer they refer to you visits a product page.

Open the in app marketing page

Top up marketing credits

Activate promoted listings.

Start Getting Results

Vendor securing a partnership with a reseller

Partner with resellers on-demand

Work with a network of independent resellers to promote and resell your products. Resellers earn from every successful order, Partnering with resellers has never been easier!

Quickly get word out about your offers to resellers

We’ll automatically publicise your promoted listings to target resellers via push notifications and emails, ensuring that you get matched with the right resellers to promote your campaign

Incentivise resellers to share your listings to customers

With Kamel Ads, Resellers earn from both getting signups for your shop, and from convincing customers to buy from you. This aligns your goals, making kamel ads a win-win for everyone.

Communicate with clients directly

You are in-charge of your sales and communication. We push all customer inquires to you on WhatsApp. Customers can also reach you via calls, social media DMs, or any other channel of your choice.

Customers chatting with vendors on their phones

Never miss an order

Get notified any time someone makes an order on your online store, ensuring you never miss an order request.

Build a re-marketing leads list

Every signup to your shop is saved to your customer list, this enables you to gradually build a list of trusted buyers who you can send offers and market your products to on demand at no cost.

A vendor holding sales and promo shopping bags

Boost conversion with promo tools

Increase your conversion rates with Kamel's powerful promotional tools! We offer a range of promotional tools such as discount codes, and store wide flash sales to help you attract and retain customers. With Kamel, you can easily create and manage your promotions, and watch your sales soar!

Run store-wide discount campaigns

Boost sales with our store-wide flash sales! Kamel enables You run discount campaigns across your entire store, and attract new customers while keeping existing ones engaged. Our flash sales are designed to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions, helping you achieve your sales goals in no time!

Offer targeted discounts with coupon codes

Create personalised discounts and drive sales with coupon codes! We enable you apply a range of controls when creating coupon codes, so you can offer targeted discounts to specific products or customers. This helps you build customer loyalty, attract new buyers, and increase conversion rates.

Kamel Ads are the best for vendors seeking:

Boosted Visibility

Running Ads on Kamel boosts the ranking of your products on our platform. It means higher visibility with resellers, leading to more shares, customers clicks and increases orders.

Increased Sales

By being present at the right place at the right time, your products get more orders. Reaching the right resellers and their customer network will help increase your sales.

Committed Resellers

Resellers who share your listings get rewarded instantly when buyers signup to your shop. This results in more engagement with your listings, higher visibility, and sales.

Business Discovery

We’ll cross list your product listings across our kamel shops sales channels on external social media and e-commerce platforms.

Budget Friendly Marketing

You can top up any amount to your kamel credits balance and start receiving instant results from your campaign.

Priority Support

Get your own account manager tasked with assisting you in getting the best out of your kamel marketing campaigns.

Promote Your Products Through Thousands of Independent Resellers

Work with a network of independent resellers to promote and resell your products. Resellers earn from every successful order, Partnering with resellers has never been easier!

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